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Selenium Testing course focuses on building hands-on experience with real time scenarios, exploring the practical view of every important concepts. This course covers from introducing the basics of automation testing using Selenium to the most advanced Selenium topics. Learner's focus will be built on key concepts such as WebDriver, Grid, TestNG and working with multiple browsers, specific tool set.

  • 5 Projects

  • 90+ Hours

  • 5+ Assessments

Course Outline

Kickstart your career in Selenium

What is Selenium?

Selenium is the open-source test automation tool for Web applications; supports many OSs & browsers and can be integrated with various SDLC support tools.

Why Selenium?

Selenium is the most preferred tools for automated web testing. It is quite obvious that the job opportunities in the respective field are quite huge.

Industry Size

According to the latest survey, Selenium is used by 70% of companies and also the growth of automation testing increasing year by year.

Who can learn?

Selenium course is ideal for manual testers, test leads, IT & non-IT graduates and software engineers who wants to switch to software testing.

What you learn

Curriculum for current trend

Course Syllabus

Learn data types, control statements, loops, arrays, functions, classes & objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, packages, access modifiers, exceptions, collections, Strings and JDBC with mySQL. Java Project.

Learn ISTQB Software Testing Foundation syllabus: testing fundamentals, testing life cycle, static / dynamic testing techniques, , test management and testing tools. Manual Testing Project.

Learn HTML5 elements, attributes, styles and formatting, images, tables, frames, forms and overview of CSS3.

Learn about various Selenium Components, record and playback in Selenium IDE, locators in Selenium, Selenese commands & creation of Test Suite and exporting test cases to Selenium WebDriver.

Learn the overview of WebDriver, browser specific drivers, locators of Selenium, automating various HTML elements, Alerts, Frames and Windows.

Learn Page Object Model (POM), Selenium Grid, TestNG automation framework, Log4J, Apache POI, video recording of tests, data driven, keyword driven and hybrid testing.

Learn Selenium integration with version management tool (Git), build management tool (Maven), continuous integration tool (Jenkins) and behaviour driven development tool (Cucumber)

Students will be encouraged to development as many projects as they wish, but they will be assigned with at least one project in Java, manual testing and Selenium


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Aseerium Advantages

Interview Preparation

On completing the course, the students will be assisted with their resume preparations, guided for interview preparations and will be strengthened by making them attend mock interviews by software experts.

Career Guidance

Aseerium provides proper and meaningful career guidance to their students. Aseerium shows the ways to the students to achieve their goals, either by getting placed or moving higher in their career ladder.

Placement Assistance

Aseerium feels proud of the training, only when their students get placed or they move higher in their career ladder. Aseerium assists the students with complete energy and dedication to achieve their career goals.

CAREER Outlook

Achieve your Selenium career

Job Market

It is estimated that the global automation testing market size to grow from $8.52 Billion in 2018 to $19.27 Billion by 2023. And there is an increase of 300% job postings related to selenium.

Career Options

There are various roles that a selenium tester can play, they are: Test Automation Engineer, Automation Test Lead, QA Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, etc...

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