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Professional Selenium - Test Automation

Selenium Testing course focuses on building hands-on experience with real time scenarios, exploring the practical view of every important concepts. This course covers from introducing the basics of automation testing using Selenium to the most advanced Selenium topics. Learner’s focus will be built on key concepts such as WebDriver, Grid, TestNG and working with multiple browsers, specific tool set.


Course Overview


Java Refresher

Refresh basic Java concepts like object orientation, Exceptions, Collections and Annotations. This section covers all the mandatory base concepts for Selenium automation testing


Testing Concepts

Learn testing fundamentals, testing life cycle, static testing techniques, test design techniques, test management and need for test automation.


HTML5 and CSS3

Learn HTML5 elements, attributes, styles and formatting, images, tables, frames, forms and overview of CSS3.


Selenium IDE

Learn about various Selenium Components, record and playback in Selenium IDE, locators in Selenium, Selenese commands and creation of Test Suite.


Selenium WebDriver

Learn the overview of WebDriver, browser specific drivers, locators of Selenium, automating various HTML elements, Desired Capabilities and the concept of synchronization.


Concept of Parameterization

Learn Page Object Model (POM), executing same test on different browsers using SeleniumGrid, TestNG automation framework, Log4J, Apache POI, video recording of tests, data driven, keyword driven and hybrid testing.

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