Python 3 Training

Professional Python 3 Programming

Designed and delivered by the experts, this Professional Python Programming training will equip you with all the appropriate skill-set necessary for python application development.


Course Overview



A Brief Introduction to Python Programming language with its architecture. Learn key concepts about Python identifier, literals, Indentation. Also learn about compiler model and other basic concepts.


Numbers Strings and Variables

Understanding the Number and its various types of formatting details. Learn about String handling and various functions in String Handling. Also Learn about types of variables and its usage in python programming.


Date And Time

Learn the concepts of Date and Time and its various functions. Also learn how to manipulate and work on Date time modules. Play with its attributes and explore the possibility and usage of Date time module.



Learn about Python 3 functions and its usage. Discover the different aspects of functions and the modular operation of functions


Decision making and Loops

Learn about Python3 decision-making statements to make decisions within a program for an application based on the user requirement. Also explore various types of conditional statements: If else condition, elif condition and Nested If .


List and Tuples

Exploring the Collections of List and Tuples. Learn to program how to access, update delete and manipulate the elements of List and tuples. Also Learn about indexing and Slicing and other operations of List and Tuples.


Set and Dictionary

Exploring the Collections of Set and Dictionary. Learn to program how to access, update delete and manipulate the elements of Set and Dictionary. Also Learn about advantages of all data types in Collection.



Learn about Basic exception Handling that happens during the execution of a program. Explore the standard exceptions that occur in Python3.Also Learn about try except finally block and finally block.


Regular Expressions

Explore the reg Ex pattern with re module. Understanding Regular Expression patterns and its usage in real time applications Here you will learn about matching pattern’s repeating things, Compiling reg Ex. Also explore the methods in reg Ex and module level functions


File Handling

Understanding file handling concepts with various scenarios. You will also learn about opening closing files, reading and writing into files. Explore various files mode used in IO operation and a list of file related functions.


Processing XML and JSON

Learn basic concepts in JSON and XML. Also learn about how to retrieve specific data from both JSON and XML files. Converting Python Data types to JSON and vice versa for processing data


Object Oriented Programming

Explore the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, classes and objects with its variables, Methods with self keyword, Constructor, Function overloading, Inheritance, Data Hiding, Super keywords and its usage in Inheritance and Built in key words.


Relational Database

Understanding Relational Database Concepts with CRUD. Also Explore Structured Query Language with MySQL server. Connecting to the MySQL Database , Creating Database and Tables, Read operation Update Operations and Delete operation from Python3


Graphical User Interface

Here we will learn how to develop graphical user interfaces by writing some Python GUI examples using the Tkinter package.

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