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Professional PHP Programming

Professional PHP Programming equips you with all the appropriate skill-set necessary for advanced web development with CodeIgnitor Framework and REST API. Designed and delivered by the experts, the course can transform you into a pro in web-development.


Course Overview


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

Gain deep understanding in web designing and style you HTML page with CSS . Design responsive websites with understanding of Bootstrap components, Forms, Grids, pagination and Glyph icons.


JavaScript & JQuery & AJAX

Understand JavaScript fundamentals (Functions, Scopes, looping structures) with familiarity with JQuery libraries and jQuery Syntax & Selector. Learn about elements selection in jQuery and AJAX fundamendals


PHP Programing

Gain expertise in basic PHP programing with Forms, Arrays,Strings,Regular Expressions ,Error and Exceptuion Handling.


Object Oriented PHP and MySQL

Get well versed with object oriented concepts like class, object, inheritance, polymorphism and more.Here you will explore MySQL by creating and accessing the web database.


CodeIgnitor Framework

Understand CodeIgnitor with MVC pattern and creating custom controllers ,view ,model and database. Learn about Auto loading Model,Processing a result from a model in a controller and Transferring data to view


CRUD and REST API with CodeIgniter

Gain knowledge in CRUD operations like creating,inserting ,updating and deleting the data. Get a deep understanding of the relationship between a client and a server, web requests, and response cycles (POST, GET)

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