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The C Programming Language is the foundation of nearly all modern computer language. This course will teach you to everything from the very fundamentals of programming right through to the complexities of pointers, addresses and File IO. Designed and delivered by the experts, the course can transform you into a pro in C Programming.

  • 2 Projects

  • 60+ Hours

  • 5+ Assessments

Course Outline

Kickstart your career in C

What is C?

C is a programming language, mainly developed as a system programming language to write operating system, but can be used to develop any application.

Why C?

C is viewed as the perfect foundation of programming as it enables us to understand the essentials of programming and the operating system concepts.

Industry Size

Even after several decades, C still continues to reign the industry and C continues to be the base requirement every programmer to be familiar with.

Who can learn?

This course is ideal for engineering students and people who want their career in embedded systems, ios development, networking, etc...

What you learn

Curriculum for current trend

Course Syllabus

Evolution of programming languages, structured programming, the compilation process, object code, source code, executable code, operating systems, interpreters, linkers, loaders, fundamentals of algorithms, flow charts.

Character set, Identifiers, Keywords, Data Types, Constant and Variables, Statements, Expressions, Operators, Precedenceof operators, Input-output Assignments, Control structures, Decision making and Branching, Decision making & looping.

User defined and standard functions, Formal and Actual arguments, Functions category, function prototypes, parameter passing, Call-by-value, Call-by-reference, Recursion, Storage Classes.

Pointer variable and its importance, Pointer Arithmetic, passing parameters by reference, pointer to pointer, linked list, pointers to functions, dynamic memory allocation.

Declaration of structures, declaration of unions, pointer to structure & unions.

Console input output functions, Disk input output functions, Data files

Command line arguments, bit wise operators, enumerated data types, type casting, macros, the C preprocessor, more aboutlibrary functions.


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Aseerium Advantages

Interview Preparation

On completing the course, the students will be assisted with their resume preparations, guided for interview preparations and will be strengthened by making them attend mock interviews by software experts.

Career Guidance

Aseerium provides proper and meaningful career guidance to their students. Aseerium shows the ways to the students to achieve their goals, either by getting placed or moving higher in their career ladder.

Placement Assistance

Aseerium feels proud of the training, only when their students get placed or they move higher in their career ladder. Aseerium assists the students with complete energy and dedication to achieve their career goals.

CAREER Outlook

Achieve your C career

Job Market

C is still ranked 4th in most popular programming languages and used in various domains and also most MNCs evaluate students using C in campus selections.

Career Options

A C programmer can perform a role as a Software Engineer, Programmer, Software Developer, Game Developer, Embedded Engineer, Data Analyst or as Network Programmer.

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